AISI GROUP is ready to share his success with the group of investors who have interest in long-term and safe investments in the real estate market of Georgia. In order to protect interest of investors, we offer a completely safe and innovative model of investment:

Invest directly in the real asset not in our company

Investor shall not invest funds to the company’s bonds or shares, which subject to specific risks. In contrary he will become owner of the land plot with construction permit. But with one important precondition. Company Aisi Group LTD reserves the right to buy back the sold land plot in the stipulated period of time (1 or 2 years period) at initial Sale Price plus annual 10% as fee for land ownership for investor. In comparison for nowadays keep money on term deposits on the bank will allow investor to earn from 3% to 3.5% profit per Year.

For example, if the company sold the land plot at the amount of 100 000 $ and then the land will be redempted at the end of 2 years, the investor will receive initial purchase price 100 000 $ plus 12%, so 112,000 $, for 3 year contract 100 000 $ plus 18% so 118 000 $.

Prior to the signature of the Sale and Purchase contract, the Land Plot Exclusive price will be determined, which will be as usual 25% less then market price of similar sizes and location land plots. This step perfectly protect investor from the risk of value depreciation of the purchased asset for the period of contract.

What is important and attractive. From the second day after the expiration of the deadline of the contract, if the AISI GROUP for any reason is not able to re purchase land, the investor is completely free in its choice of the buyer’s and the sale price for the land. This gives him a great opportunity to make more return on investment in front of the initial fixed return agreement.

Aisi Group considered as partners both as resident also non-resident legal entities. For the formation of the qualified investors Group, the minimum admission margin for the investor will be 50 000 USD purchase deal.

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