Project: Bakery Factory

Start Year: September 2016

Completion Year: January 2017

TOTAL AREA: 2787.75 m3

Plot Area: 800 m²

Plant Area: 367 m²

Type: Monolith

Floors: 2

Address: 26 Eka Bezhanishvili St


Optimization of the project planning solutions along with a rational approach to the selection of materials and technologies made it possible to implement the project within a reasonable budget.


In the construction of the apartment buildings and townhouses a ventilated façade system and polyurethane foam roofing materials are being used which allows for heat retention while also preventing the accumulation of moisture or overheating of the premises during hot weather. These technologies along with efficient engineering equipment not only maintain a pleasant climate inside the buildings in all weather conditions but all provide substantial savings on energy resources.