British American Tobaco ოფისი

კლიენტი: British American Tobacos

წელი: 2016

თანამედროვე ეკლექტიკურ ვიზუალის შერწყმა

მისამართი: ვაჟა-ფშაველას გამზ. 79


Optimization of the project planning solutions along with a rational approach to the selection of materials and technologies made it possible to implement the project within a reasonable budget.


The main decorative theme for the interior is superheroes and street art. This concept is intended to emphasize the innovative aspects of the business and stimulate creativity among the laboratory’s specialists.

The office interior is filled with bright colors and unusual geometric shapes. One of the unique aspects of the project is its colorful game zone, where employees can play ping pong or fussball. For work and leisure the office has an open-air terrace with designer furniture and special illuminators for after dark.