Full cycle of construction – repair works

  • Land works;
  • Preparation of foundation;
  • Steel – concrete works;
  • Construction reconstruction and renovation works;
  • An industrial floor works;
  • Ceiling, floor and load-bearing walls – reconstruction reinforcement;
  • Interior;
  • Inner Surfacing;
  • Electric installation work;
  • Heating, Ventilation – Conditioning;
  • Installation of (any material and complexity) doors and windows;
  • Floor and ceiling works;
  • Protection and surveillance cameras system.

Also our company offers electrical installation works:

  • Electro-construction planning;
  • Installation of 220, 110 ,35, 10, 6 kW high-voltage power transmission lines;
  • Installation of low-voltage power transmission lines to 1 kW;
  • Installation of overhead lines;
  • Power cable damage detection and repair;
  • Construction and installation of 6-10 kW transformer kiosks;
  • Construction and installation of 220, 110, 35 kW substations;
  • Transformer repairing works;
  • Lightning rod installation works;
  • Grounding contour installation works.

On the bases of an agreement with our company, the company’s qualified foreign manufacturer controls:

  • Timely purchase of materials, transportation;
  • Quality of the works performed by labor;
  • Each week we will introduce a report on conducted and planned works.

What are the advantages of

cooperating with us?

As a result:

  • You will be protected from poorly executed work;
  • You won’t have to waste time on the occasional selection of materialsand transportation;
  • You will have a company representative, who will be responsible for the timely and quality progress.

Given that the company Aisi Group has signed a contract with the companies that eather produce construction materials or aredirectly large importers, we offer high quality materials at low prices compared to the market shield, which is useful for your budget.

Based on an agreement with the company, we provide a detailed expenditure documentation, invoice, tax invoice report, which is undeniable proof of the controlling authority, partners or shareholders in the study for the costs incurred.